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I can just stare at this for hours! Sooooo much detail! The blue makes it really pop!

graemedavey responds:

i used to just use blue for the basic sketch but i liked it so much that i tend to make it more prevalent in my drawings now. Tanks for taking the time to comment

This is so freaking awesome! Everything about this is absolutely perfect! You'll most certainly win this contest :D

brownbair responds:

=D Thank you!! Here's hopin'

Incredible! So amazingly beautiful! I need your watercolor skills!

Underbar! :D

Linxdo responds:

Tack så mycket! :D
Jag såg dina akvarell bilder o jag tycker verkligen att dom är jättefina!

This is so freaking beautiful! I can just stare at it all day long!

AlsoSpratchMariano responds:

Hey thanks, I checked your submission too. It's really good.
Lots of cool illustrations from everybody, actually.

This is a amazing poster! And the super funny writing! Just that deserves first prize :D

Lefvaid responds:

Thank a lot :D! I only got to watch the first episode of the game so all the jokes are based on that one.

Really cool and menacing, this will certainly be one of the finalists. I love the sharp angles of everything. But don´t forget the one color that should be in the picture somewhere! Maybe some ominous glow from the skulls orbits...?

Viktor-jonsson responds:

Thank you, And I can allways hope to be a finalist but theres absolutely some competition. Realy liked this one. :)


I also thougth the color was optional? Not a requirement? I tried adding some colors but i couldnt get it to work well for me. I tried the glowing eyes but it ended up feeling abit to terminator/cyborg for me. :/

This is the winner, no question about that! It's so freaking beautiful! And it will make me really rethink my own entry before I post it, because mine is not even half as good as this one.

The way the fingers are digging into her skin is sooo cool, and the hand gripping her throat makes my own feel tight! That purple makes the piece really stand out. I would have loved to see a single(or more) tear running down her cheek, or just a hint of one under the hand covering her eyes.

Good luck(but you really don't need it)! :D

Alissandra responds:

Don't! submitt your entry by all means!
And thank you so much, the description of your feelings, that's exactly what I wanted to achieve!

This one deserved the first prize! Extremely well done!


I won't be surprised if this one wins first prize! Everything about it is so cool!

mlillustration responds:

Thank You so much TheRabidWerewolf! I really appreciate it.

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